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Calne, England - 9th December 2007

By: Steve & Helly

The Mystery of the Missing Christmas Tree

Although Steve & Helly are off to France next week they decided to put up a few decorations as they have visitors at the weekend.

Steve went up in to the loft to get down the decorations and the tree. (Three cats means a real tree gets spread around the house, with needles everywhere, so Steve & Helly have given up and have a pretend tree!)

Up went Steve . . .
Down came the box of decorations . . .

Down came the box of lights . . .
Down came the tr . . .

Where's the tree?

It was very spooky, the tree had disappeared!

Steve assured Helly he had looked all over the loft and it definately wasn't there. He also assured her the plumber would not have hidden it for a joke and that was a silly suggestion!

Down came Steve from the loft . . .
Up went Helly . . .
Down came Helly . . .

and off she went in her car to buy another tree!

When she came back I helped to put the decorations up.
Red and gold this year. I had to climb high up to put them on. I tried pretending I was the angel but I was too heavy for the tree and Helly told me if I wanted to be the angel I'd have to dress up and stay at the top of the tree until after Christmas. I decided to climb down then, I'd done enough dressing up wearing Helly's shoes earlier in the day and I don't want to miss France.

final tvoy 009.jpg
final tvoy 010.jpg
final tvoy 012.jpg
final tvoy 013.jpg

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