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Groningen, The Netherlands - 27th April 2008

By: Marjolein

Dear Pandamao,

I'm in Groningen!! When you look at a map of the Netherlands, you can see that Maastricht is the most southern city of the country and Groningen is the most northern city! So I've been travelling a lot already. On the first picture you can see that I was getting ready to leave. Marjolein put me in her new bag. It was a long ride on the train, about two and a half hours. When we arrived in Groningen we went to Kasper's brother. He had just bought a house. You can see his view on the picture's. We played games in the night. Almost everyone won one game except Marjolein, isn't that sad. It was a nice game-evening. And of course I had some drinks haha. It was a very long night, so when we got home at about half past three I thought it was time for me to go to bed. And because I am an old man, I took Marjolein and Kaspers bed and they could sleep on the couch haha. On saturday I was completely rested, so we took a trip into the citycentre of Groningen. You can see me with the Martinitoren (tower) and the cityhall. They had built some stages on the Grote Markt because it was a Chineesparty in the city saturday. But we had to do some shopping. Marjolein and Kasper bought a Playstation 2! I couldn't wait to try it! When it was time to go to bed again, I decided to take some photo's about the bedroom for you. They had lots of books! So I decided to read a book. It was about Toy Story 2, a nice book. And then it was time to play on the Playstation! We played Need for Speed and of course I won again! Then, on sunday I went with Marjolein, her cousin Emy and her grandmother to the movies. We went to Penelope. It was a nice fairytale. You can see a picture of me with Emy, she was the girl with the lost ticket I saved, so she really loved me! The cinema was in the stadium of FC Groningen, the local footballclub. Marjolein used to go there all the time for the footballmatches, she loves football! I hope to go inside the stadium one day!

This is it for now!! Nick


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