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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 6th May 2008

By: Marjolein

Hello! Well, I've been sleeping off my hangover, because yesterday was the 5th of May! And that means Bevrijdingsfestival (the Dutch celebrate being freed in 1945) in the Netherlands. In every province is a festival. So also in Den Bosch. There is lots of music and debats. We went to the Dutch band called Pete Philly and Perquisite. They where the ambassadeurs of freedom this year. This means they travel by helicopter from festival to festival. On the first photo you see the fire of freedom. Behind the stage you can see the tower of the Sint Jans church, the biggest and most famous church of Den Bosch. After Pete Philly and Perquisite we went home to have some dinner. When we went back there was an American band on the other stage. They are called the Hackensaw boys and they're from Virginia. I felt totally back in the USA again. The last show was an African woman called Nneka. She had a really loud but beautiful voice. She sang in English about all kinds of worldthings that bother here, like the company Shell taking all the oil from Nigeria and not giving anything back. I don't know why but the public wasn't very enthousiastic and you could she she wasn't happy with the applause she got. It was a bit sad because here music was really good. I also got a little present from some people that work for refugees: a cool red scarf!



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