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Naarden, The Netherlands - 9th August 2008

By: marinaonline

Hi guys, I'm back!
As I told you before I had a pretty busy week. I tried to help Marina with her work at the office.

I got to meet her colleagues. Weird guys, but they were very nice to me. I tried to make myself useful, so when they were busy I got them some coffee. One of the guys even made me a nice coffeehat.
I also picked up the phone sometimes, but I stopped doing that. I had to keep explaining why there was a Santa Claus in the office in July.

Marina works at a radiostation. I asked them if I could see the studio.
I liked it, so I asked them if I could have my own radioshow. Ofcourse that was no problem at all. Look at me being professional and all! I think I have the perfect face for radio. :-)
During the afternoonshow they always sing a song in a big horn. I got to do that too. That was cool!

Next time I'll tell you more about what officepeople do when they're on a break. Bye!

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