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Witten, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: Mandrara

Hallo all.
I'm Little Dragon I'm the youngest Dragon of the Family. My mum was a birthday present and me and my siblings were told to be Toyvoyagers. But.. what's this I asked. I'm a little bit shy and so I was doubtful about my new situation.

It was unnecessary now I know. We got a fluffy blanket to sleep. And because my sister and brother were with me and had no fear. Mandrara is a nice mum for us and our mummy Imodra always looks after us.

There are a lots of soft toys at our new home because Mandrara has two little children and at it's best the kids tried to take us to their room to snuggle with us and show us there toys. But I did'nt have the heart to do this and stayed with mum.

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