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Witten, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: Mandrara

And then our passports arrieved. I don't know if I'm happy because thats means that I need to stay alone with others I don't know. But maybe I find new friends!!!

At the first time, all of us who needs a passport sit around the envelope and take a look at the Togs.

After that mum, her man and a friend search for the right passport for everyone of us,

After getting my passport Mandrara told me, not to be afraid to travel around the world. And to have an easy start Mandraras friend  took me with her to the USA for holiday. Thats my first journey at all. I hope I will not being homesick because of my mum Imodra and Mandrara because we are pols apart, but I think Mandraras friend will guyed me and watch after me. I'm a happy and a little bit nervous maybe you can understand why! BUT I'm the youngest but the first who start traveling! I'm proud ;)

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