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San Francisco, America - 16th July 2012

By: Shilo

Good morning Mum and Mandrara.

Today is our first real day here in America. I am so happy about it. After a great breakfast we started our tour on the union square. Look we found these cool looking hearts on every corner of the square.



Before we could start our trip to fishermen’s wharf, we had to buy some water for the day. I think it would be a long day without something to drink. On our way to the supermarket, I saw this cool looking house.


Then we went to the cable car station. I was so happy that we will ride on these famous cars. Unfortunately it was so full on the cable car, that we couldn’t take a photo from our tour. But I promise we will take a picture of the cable car later. It was so full that I was scared in the first moment, but after a while it was ok for me and I had fun.
We went off at the Lombard Street. This is a very famous street because this street has very tight turns from the top to the end.



We decided to walk the rest of the way to Fishermen’s wharf. On our way we climbed up a small hill, from which we had a wonderful view down to Alcatraz. The others told me that many years ago, there were special prisoners arrested on this island.


We also saw this old fire truck. You could make a tour over the Golden gate bridge with this car, but we didn’t want to ride on it.


Finally we arrived at Fishermen’s wharf. Here we saw a lot of shops and it was full of people. It was really cool here.


We went down the pier, to have a look over the bay. From here we had a look at the Golden gate bridge at the end of the bay and we saw this see lions relaxing in the sun.





On our walk around the pier, we went into a Ship museum. The first ship was an old paddle wheel steamer. And on this ship we could see a lot of old cars. It was really cool.






Then we went onto the next ship. It was a beautiful old sailing ship. In the bottom of the ship we could see, a lot of things out of the history of the ship. What it has loaded and how the crew cabins looked like.





After that it was time to go back to the hotel. But before I forget it, here is the picture of the Cable Car I had promised.


See you tomorrow.

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