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crossing Mahé, Seychelles - 22nd July 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Today the weather is warm but not so sunny that we'd want to spend all day at the beach. We are going to explore the island a bit and drive to the west coast.
Here we are still on the east coast, doing our very own version of 'drive-by shootings'.
Here's one of the few roadsigns. You can't really get lost with so few streets.

There are abount 5-7, depending on which size you count, different mountain roads that allow you to traverse the island. They are very narrow and esp. the bus drivers drive them very fast and not only on their side of the road, either, so it was a bit scary because on the one side there are the huge granite rocks and on the other it goes down without guard rail or even a tiny side-strip.

The mountains go up to around 900m and have a real rain forest.

We're through! This is Anse Boileau.

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