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Santurce, Puerto Rico - 3rd May 2009

By: misspsychodoll

:stare:Well dear Marjolein Cyd and I went around some nice places these couple of days, she's quite good right now. We've been following the news about the flu and everything, but she assures me i wont get it  :cyclops:.
Anway we are now uploading some of the latest pics around the city. We forgot we had some pics of a pool party that she and her friend had for her godson so here are the pics. Till we upload the other ones.
So this was before the pool fun, her godson and I. B)
We were eating at Wendy's a burger place.
We were at Santurce a county of the city which is call San Juan (which you'll be seen as soon as our pic are uploaded) In the background you can see the public transportation.
OK so we have here the theater Ambassador which was reconstructed a year ago or so.
Here we are on the party, Cyd was careful cause she didnt want her godson drowning me  :o.
We also went to the contemporary museum that week  :( but we couldnt take pictures!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/PsychoDoll430/jelka/GEDC4207.jpg
This was the best we could do  ;)
I'll be back soon tons of luv!!! :D

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