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Visit a medieval castle.

Meet another dragon.

Visit a city which has a dragon in its coat of arms.

Throw a barbeque.

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Herten, Germany - 13th March 2011

By: BlackCat

Mummy, I am all excited. Fabi said I will meet another dragon today. Do you believe that? But I am not sure if it is my life mission, but take a look at the pictures and let Fabi know, so she can make the life mission complete if it is okay for you.

Oh, I am so excited. Fabi said she knows a place near her house where we can see a dragon. So we had a sit in the car and drove there.

And then I saw him. The other dragon.



We were walking on his back and had a look around.



And then I came closer to his face.





Oh mummy, I was so happy. Fabi told me that he is a bridge. But isn't he cool? Watching all the people who are walking over his back?

I guess I am a little bit in love.


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