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watching glider pilots and taking a lot of photos

visiting a zoo, where parrots like me have a lot of space to fly

going on a cruise

visiting the rainforest in two different countries

driving in a hot-air-ballon

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Jerusalem, Israel - 23rd July 2007

By: alleycat

Today I went with alleycat to her working place (my travelling companion Purple Bun refused to go because she've been there a few times already). We walked by feet (and by wings), it took about half an hour and I was able to see a typical Jerusalem living neighbourhood - not extremely fancy but not poor either.

We went by a small synagogue - doesn't look like a place of a religious worship, but the small ones usually look very utilitary and low-fuss.

A typical street - it's a fairly old and quiet neighbourhood, so there's a lot of trees.

Most of the houses here have 2-4 floors and a few entrances, so there are no private gardens - the garden around the house belongs to all the tenants. But most of the people are comfortable with sharing.


The lack of gardens is compensated by big balconies.

Whee, I'm on a vine tree!

A bird-eye view on the neighbourhood and a small park.


...to be continued...

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