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Bardstown, KY, USA - 26th October 2009

By: thebeehive

Hi!  I just wanted to send a quick note to my wonderful family in San Diego to let them know I arrived in Kentucky safe and sound!!

I got here on Saturday, but had to sit on the front porch all day in that box because no one was home!  Oh - and it was COLD!  Add to that, I had to sit on top of that huge chocolate bar too!!  But the mom of this new foster family finally got home and got me out of the cold and out of the box!

The only little one here that day was the smallest one (she's a real cutie!!).  I sang my song for her and she seemed to like it!

I got to meet the other two girls and the dad on Sunday.  After they went to church, I got to go outside and play with them for a while.  (It was a little warmer than it was when I had to sit on the porch, thank goodness.)  They said I couldn't go to church with them because they were afraid that I might just burst into song at any moment, and they were afraid that might be a bit too much!  (What's THAT all about??)

Anyhow, the older girls are off at school today.  I keep posing for pictures, but no one seems to be getting my hints!  Hopefully, they'll take a picture or two soon to let you know I'm okay!!!!

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