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Go on a few cruises around the pacific and see beautiful sights

Visit New Zealand and see a kiwi bird

Learn something new from everywhere I visit

See something unique to every country I visit

Arrive home safely back to my mom and brothers

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Auckland Harbour, New Zealand - 12th February 2009

By: Neilius

Dear Mum

We went down to the Harbour this afternoon, and look what we saw!

Have you ever seen a ship as big as this?

Harrison tells me we're going on a ship like this tomorrow.

I told him that before we do this, I'd really like to have a closer look.


So we got a hotel room right next to the ship!

And since I wanted to have a closer look I went out onto our balcony to look at the ship.

It's enormous!  When Lilly and I stuck our heads out to look at the ship, it stretched off into the distance further than we could see - in either direction.

What a strange world you've sent me out into, Mum!

So tomorrow I'm going to hop on one of these big things and go out on the sea.

I must have rocks in my head!

Your fearful travelling chick


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