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Go on a few cruises around the pacific and see beautiful sights

Visit New Zealand and see a kiwi bird

Learn something new from everywhere I visit

See something unique to every country I visit

Arrive home safely back to my mom and brothers

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Auckland Harbour, New Zealand - 13th February 2009

By: Neilius

Dear Mum

Well I took a deep breath and got on the ship.

Her name is "Oriana". 

And guess what?  There are kids!  Lilly introduced me to some kids who are sailing not just to Australia, but right around the world!

They started in England and will end up back in England, and it will take them 3 months.

So it puts my fears into perspective.  I'm only on here for 5 days.

So I've decided to learn something new from my friends, and am going to enjoy my trip.

Everyone here seems really happy.

I think I'm going to have a party for a few days.

Your feathered travelling chick



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