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Go on a few cruises around the pacific and see beautiful sights

Visit New Zealand and see a kiwi bird

Learn something new from everywhere I visit

See something unique to every country I visit

Arrive home safely back to my mom and brothers

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Tasman Sea, Australia - 3rd March 2009

By: Neilius


Hi Mum!

I thought I'd sing you a song....
I am sailing!
I am sailing!
Home again
Cross the sea!
I am sailing, stormy waters,
To be near you, to be free!

I'm back at sea again!  And I love it.  This is a lovely ship - even bigger than the one we were on before.

BUT!!! Something dramatic has happened already.  One of the propellors has broken, and the ship can only go at half speed.  That means the captain has had to change course for Auckland instead of Wellington.

So just to be on the safe side, I checked out one of the life rings, but I think it's a bit big for me.  What do you think?

But, to be honest with you, Mum, I don't mind if we go slow.  It's so nice out here they could take a year to get to Auckland and I'd be happy :)

I'll write more tomorrow.

Your intrepid sailor


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