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Visit New Zealand and see a kiwi bird

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Tasman Sea, New Zealand - 5th March 2009

By: Neilius


I went to the kids club today, Mum, but the kids had gone!

There are hardly any kids on this cruise - and the few of them that are here were at the movies when I visited kids club.  So although I saw lots of fun games, an amusement arcade, lots of toys, I didn't see any kids. 

So I went to where the big people play - the Casino!!!  Neil put me on the Roulette Table.  I got a bit scared.  I thought he was going to gamble me away!!! But luckily I escaped.

Finally, like we've been doing every day so far, we watched the sun go down over the back of the ship, with a glass of wine.

This ship sure is going slow.  But with sunsets like this, I don't mind at all!

We're getting close to NZ now, so I might see if I can get some pictures of the coastline tomorrow.

By for now.


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