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Lahnstein, Germany - 13th February 2012

By: FraJ


Today we went for a walk on the river Lahn. After FraJ had a lot to do last week for their studies, we could not do much.
But she has finished her last presentation very well and now her time is mine this month!
And I've seen in the warm Rhine valley how rivers freeze and it snows (but not much) ...

The first thing you see is the Lahn bridge and on the right side the orange building is a historic house and restaurant in which already Johann Wolfgang Goethe dined in 1774.


In this picture you can see the castle Lahneck, a haunted place, where's a story of a young English woman who has lost his way and was lost on the top tower of the former ruin.



Along the river we saw some snowy landscapes.


Upstream, there are small parts of the city of Lahnstein. See here on the right Friedland:


Here we are in the district Friedrichssegen and there stands a small hydroelectric plant. Here is the feeding of the plant:


And you can still see a bit of the plant. But the Lahn is almost completely frozen...


But it's missing Koblenz and a couple of beautiful castles!
Hopefully the weather is good the next days! Today it was very foggy and cloudy ...
But I'm excited!
Greetings to the World!  :D

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