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St. Goarshausen, Germany - 21st February 2012

By: FraJ

Hello There!

Today we were in Nochern first, a small town with a carnival parade:



After that we drove to a lookout point with a wonderful view of the castle Katz - "Katz" is from cat- and the Rhine Valley (and for sure there's a castle Maus -"mouse"- in Kestert too ^^):


And here is not to be seen perfectly, but in the back is the legendary rock of the Lorelei...
The legend says that a beautiful woman sitting high up on the rock. There she was combing her long blonde hair and waited for her lover...
But by her beauty and her wonderful voice she distracted the sailors and  their capsized in the confines of the Rhine and drowned.
Last year there is another ship ran aground... Maybe there's another new Loreley?  ;)


On the opposite the ruin of the fortress in St. Goar:



And here on more view... It is really nice.
Can you imagine now why this is World Heritage here?


On the way home a picture shot from the car and not really special but also shown here:


Tomorrow we will visit Braubach... there's a very beautiful castle too. But now I we will watch TV and make nothing  :D

Greetings!  ;)

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