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Melbourne Zoo, Australia - 6th March 2012

By: fleursmum

Hello Everyone!  :D

Today we went to Melbourne Zoo and saw lots and lots of animals!

we saw a tiger - we wanted to go and pat it - it looked so cuddly!
Now we are off to see real elephants!  :o
this is Bong Su - he is a big male elephant and is about 38 years old - he was resting on his sand heap before going off for his daily bath.
we side tracked in to the butterfly house - look at this beautiful green and black butterfly
here is one of the female elephants
more of the elephant family
we went here to visit the orang utans especially the 12 month old baby but Sue was so busy watching them herself she didn't take any photos of us??!! :rolleyes:
Ooohhh!! Look at this big animal - long legs and long neck - Sue told us it was a giraffe! We like its spots though!! ;)
here we are with the zebra family
and an ostrich ....not sure I like how it is looking at us...do you think an ostrich would eat WotWots for lunch???
Australian gray kangaroos having a rest
an emu - looks just like an ostrich doesn't it? At least it didn't seem to be sizing us up for lunch!!
Sue thought this was a blue tongue lizard and told us all about it and then she realised it was made of brass!! Teehee!! Silly billy!!  :D
Two koalas up a tree - we wanted to hug them cos they look like teddy bears to us but we weren't allowed  :(
Oooohhhh..an Australian lizard
a kookaburra - we hear them singing and laughing outsides Sue's house early in the morning - they make us giggle!
Some baboons live in here - I think they are watching us while we are watching them - although they aren't doing very much other than sitting!
this is a Peccaries family - the one on the right was all bristly - I don't think it liked us looking into its home!
we said hello to the brown bear
and the pelicans
In the water was a shark kind of fish but it is well camouflaged and hard to see
Off to see the seals - we liked this poster outside the aquarium

That's it from us today

The WotWots

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