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want to meet the TVs Wolfgang, Chrissy and Joe and make a mouseparty!

want to be in the all-time-top-ten with the most people involved in my journeys

want to visit a cheesemarket

want to help a lion as the mouse of ńsop

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Weilburg, Germany - 7th February 2012

By: Noisy

Today I was allowed to visit a primary school. Each tuesday Noisy is helping some children with their homework.
I looked around in the classroom and found a little teddy sitting there. He told me that the pupil sometimes are very loud and that he's glad when the school is over in the noon at 3:15 pm. But he told me, too, that he has learned a lot of interesting things since he lives in this classroom.
There were posters at the wall showing what to eat in the break and one poster showed me all the big birds I must have an eye on, because they love little mice to eat...

Actually I would begin my journey right after school, but Noisy forgot my travelbox at home. Tststs...*shakemyhead*

So I will start tomorrow, I have booked a bed in the TV-Hotel-Oberlausitz.


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