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Ebersbach, Germany - 3rd March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

So you allready heard of the tragedy and so we started again!  :D This is also funny... much more cheese for me!  ;)
AAAAAAAAND surprise, surprise... next week I will do a little and very short ;) trip to... LONDON! Ok, that means I have to leave the TV-Hotel Oberlausitz, but I think it is ok for five days!  :D


To be honest, I overslept my arrival! It was late in the evening, when LadyButterfly picked me up from the post office. The little parcel was to big for the postbox. And because I slept I havn't recognized my arrival. LadyButterfly called my name again and again, but I havn't heard her. So she used a trick!


Ahhhhh cheese... yummi! That waked me up! And voila.... Gypsy arrived!


And dissappeard as fast as he arrived in the cheese-bag! I was soooooo hungry of the trip!


When the bag was empty I gave LadyButterfly the presents I had with me. She was so happy, mommy and I should say you a big, big thank you!


The magnet got a place of honor on the refrigerator, because she collects this stuff!


Befor I leave the kitchen again I watched into the pots. LadyButterflys boyfriend prepared for the dinner... it smells very good! Maybe I will also get a little piece of the dinner!  ;)


But there was no chance to leave the kitchen... I stood eye in eye with Mary Lou Muffin the housecat. But I havn't forgotten the fable and so I shared it with Mary and she promised not to eat me, during my stay here.


Then it was time to check in the TV-Hotel Oberlausitz. My bed was ready and I was happy, because my trip was very exhausting!
This is the big sign on the top of the hotel!


There are very cool pictures of the Oberlausitz in the hotel. So I got a small impression where I am right now!


And then I could fall into my bed! It was so great to feel this soft bed and I fall asleep immediately!


But there was one last thing to do!
The outside of the hotel is handmade by many TV-members, because all postcards are on the wall outside the hotel and now there is one card more... mine!  :D



So my arrival was very exciting and I hope the next month will much more exciting! Well let's see!

Many greetz to you mommy!
I miss you very much!


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