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Ebersbach, Germany - 5th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

Ohhhhhhhh the days pass soooooooo slowly!  :(
I'm so excited of my big travel to London and so happy I won't travel in a little parcel, but it takes so long until thursday, when we will fly!
But now it is time for me to tell you, what I have done the last days!  :D

On saturday evening all TVs get together to watch the big fight of Klitschko in television! LadyButterfly is such a big boxing-fan and so we took some chocolate and all sat around the television!


But the fight was over befor we got warm with cheering on. We hadn't even the chance to open the chocolate, but that was ok for me, I prefer cheese!


Yesterday we made our first London travelinggroup photo. I think that will be a really nice trip and we will have so  much fun together! Maybe I find a new ear piercing for my other ear with the Union Jack on it!  ;)


Together we decided we want to know a little bit more about London and so we googled a little bit! Ranil and PinkyHH told us everything we have to know!
We allready know, London is the capital city of Great Britain! With 7.825.200 people London is a city with the most people in the EU!
It was founded in the year 47 by the romans and was called Londonium. In the 2. century it became the capital city of britain.
Today London is one of the biggest city for cultur, financial and trade!


This is the blazon of London!


Now you want to know how big the distance will be that I travel, am I right mommy?
Can you see the red spot on the picture? This is London! And the hand? This is Ebersbach, where I am now. The distance between Ebersbach and London is 1197 km and I'm happy I musn't walk it! We fly from Berlin!  :D


Another very important thing for London is the weather! We all took a look on a british homepage!


What do you think mommy? Does the weather look good? Ok a little bit rainy on saturday and sunday, but maybe we have much luck and it won't rain! Who knows!  ;)


But today the weather was wonderfull! Sunny... the whole day long, so I decided to go on the balkonie and took a little sunbath!


And in the afternoon we used the nice weather to took a walk to the spring of the Spree! There are three springs of the Spree, but we visited the oldest, that named "Spreeborn"!
Today there was build a pavillion around the spring so visitors can take a rest and watch this beautifull place!


Time vor another big groupphoto! Together with LadyButterflys TVs. We all sat on the Spreeborn, but because it is winter the spring was closed, so it couldn't get damaged!


Here you can see one of four inscriptions!
This one means:
"Waterlevel of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the Eastsee"


And last but not least... the blazon of saxony! With two lions... if have to think of the fable again!  ;)


Wow mommy that was such a wonderfull day, sunny and warm and interessting! But I still miss you a little bit!


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