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London, Great Britain - 8th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly


Wow what a amazing trip, I still can't believe I traveled to London. It was so cool there, the city was so biiiiiiiig and loud and the people were so friendly.
But wait... everything step by step! Today I will tell you of my first day in London, so don't worry there will follow more pictures!

It was very hard to sleep befor thursday. I had to go to bed very early, because our trip starts at 2 am, but I can't sleep. So I got up again and helped LadyButterfly with the luggage. We looked if we have forgotten anything and prepaired the luggage for the flight!


Very important was also to count the money a last time. I made this and everything was perfect. It is funny on all coins and notes is the face of Queen Elisabeth! Also very strange is the fact... the 2 pence coin is much bigger then the 20 pence coin. Funny british people!  ;)


LadyButterfly did a great job with our travelplan, she also made a handout for us.
Also very important and usefull was the book. But I recognized also, if you look a little bit lost in London, someone will ask you, if he could help you. The british people are very friendly!


Later and deep in the night, our journey started with driving to the airport Berlin Schönefeld. I fell asleep on the trip and awaked when we arrived the airport. The checkin and the security check was very quickly over and so we took this photo in the transitzone, when we waited for our plane!


I took just 1 1/2 hour until we arrived Great Britain. On the Gatwick airport we took our first steps on british ground. Outside I found a cool welcome sign!


From Gatwick we took the train to London which was 50 km away and then we brought our luggage to the hotel, befor we started with sightseeing.
Our first tour goes to the Baker Street, yes you hear right, the real Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lived!
I took a photo together with PinkyHH!


Outside of the underground station we met the one and only Sherlock Holmes!


Near the Baker Street is Madam Tussauds, but sadly we can't took any photos! There was no chance to, because there were so many people... classes and tourists and it was even hard for LadyButterfly to take one picture.

So after Madam Tussauds we took a little rest in the Regent's Park. This is one of the royal parks of the Queen and its very big and very beautifull. Even the weather was great so it was cool just to sit outside and watch the wild animals.
Ok they weren't really wild, because they know the people and that they will be feeded by the tourists. We hadn't that much time to watch the park, but what we saw was amazing!


I saw a heron very close to me!


After that very hard day we all went to a pub called "The Goose", it was very old and comfortable and I had my first ale ever there.


That evening I had no problems to fall asleep! I cuddled with my TV-friends and slept the whole night long!


That was my first day in London and the next days will follow soon!


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