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want to meet the TVs Wolfgang, Chrissy and Joe and make a mouseparty!

want to be in the all-time-top-ten with the most people involved in my journeys

want to visit a cheesemarket

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 11th April 2012

By: Eustachia

Hi mommy!

Today i arrived in Laubach. I heard a voice calling " Zingoz Maaaaaaaaaan!"..sounds a bit crazy!


Then a big yellow smiling face looked right into my envelope...


I crawled out of the envelope and said hello to everybody.



They welcomed me very friendly. These 3 TV's are guests here, too. The yellow one is Wacky-Z, the little leopard is called *Paul* and the bear-lady is Cilly.


Okay, let's look around and see where i will life for the next weeks...
Oh it seems that a cat is living here..


Oh yes! There is definately one cat! But this scratching post is sooo huge, so i guess there will be more cats. Maybe two or three  :thinking: I hope they do not like rat-meat..


Hello?.. Is anybody home?


Oh, i found one cat! Hello!
Wacky-Z told me her name is Cami and she is very nice.


Hi Cami! Please be so kind and do not eat me.. i'm not very tasty!  :cyclops:


Well, she's not very interested in me.. phew! I think we'll become good friends ;)


Oh wow.. there is another cat! A red male cat! Hmm, mommy, you know what they say about red cats! They are insane!  :stare:


Wacky told me this cat-guy is cool. His name is Eloy.
Hi Eloy!  :D Please don't eat me and we'll have a lot of fun together  :p


That's all for now. The other TV's are very nice, the cats are nice. I think i will have a great time here  :D

See you soon mommy!

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