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want to meet the TVs Wolfgang, Chrissy and Joe and make a mouseparty!

want to be in the all-time-top-ten with the most people involved in my journeys

want to visit a cheesemarket

want to help a lion as the mouse of ńsop

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on the road, Germany - 22nd May 2012

By: MA_17


We did a road trip!

DuDette, Crawfish and I jumped into the car and whoohoooo...
We started at one of the Berlin highways.

After a while we passed the state line of Saxony-Anhalt. Sad, it's not allowed to stop next to the sign.

Then we crossed the big river Elbe. Can you see the small brown sign?

Munich seems to be so far away, about 290 miles.

Have a look to the sky! Isn't it beautiful??? All the shafts of sunlight and the clouds!

We left the highway and used a street through the forest. I'm not sure if there are any animals living. I didn't see any.


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