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Weilburg, Gardencenter, Germany - 27th February 2012

By: Noisy

Hello world!

Here I am!

I lived here in my own Garden-Center-Jungle, only my brothers and sisters were here, too.
Today I heard some funny noises. They giggled and gaggled and laught a lot.
I took the risk for a look out of my palms, and I saw some real funny guys! They sat in a red bag and looked for a palm to climb for Mooky. As I understood, Mooky was a little monkey from USA visiting Germany.

And do you know, what I did? I called my brothers and sisters and told them what I have seen. Than we deciced, that we all want to follow this group of interesting boys and girls. and - thank god- we are very fast, we hopped into the red bag noisless. Nobody heard us coming , nobody saw us!


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