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berlin, germany - 14th March 2012

By: orangesunshine

hello mommy!  :D

after WEEKS of travelling in a shaking box i have finally arrived.

haha, very funny. i have got a lamp but nothing to read. grumbl! so i ate the chocolate. pffff  :thinking:

suddenly the shaking stopped and my travel box was dropped heavily. ouch! i am a lady, be careful! my nails!

strange sounds. it was like someone tried hard to open the box.

then another little monkey and a smiling teddy looked into the box: "hellooooo? somebody in here?"

they opened the box an came nearer. those guys asked all kinds of questions. they were quite curious.

we talked and talked the whole night. i think those people are really nice guys! it was a very warm welcome. we ate all the rest of the sweets.

good bye mommy, i miss you :D

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