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berlin, germany - 20th March 2012

By: orangesunshine

huhu sisters and brothers and mommy.

this is me an my friend 3*euro. today we tried something special. the count (one of the plushies here) told us we should fly. hea? fly? yes he said, with a flying cup.

errr, it was not easy to fly with a coffee cup. everybody is able to fly a sorcer. but a cup?

here we landed at a strange bridge: the old sewer system crosses a canal overground. they have built funny things a hundred years ago.

modern architecture.

the canal ("landwehrkanal" for insiders).

more ...

... modern ...

... architecture. the tree behind us threw something at us ...

... but missed us. hehe.

hey mommy! look at this funny house boat on the other side of the canal.

today springtime has begun. some trees have got fresh leaves. see them?

then we flew ...

... a little bit through the city.

hey! what's this? some trees grow strange fruits: faces! unbelievable.

look at those chimneys! behind us is a malt factory of a large beer brewery.

flying around in a cup, was very funny.

bye bye mommy and sisters and brothers: i miss you all!  :rolleyes:

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