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berlin, home, germany - 1st April 2012

By: orangesunshine

hello mommy.

this morning we all were just trolling around our hosts' appartment.

suddenly a strange noise came up: "queekqueekqueek...".

we all came nearer to see who was coming.

it was a funny car with a real BIG yellow pig and a small blue elephant.

the resident plushies all were very excited: it was a new guest from switzerland: miggy and brought little napoleon back home ...

we all were so happy to see napoleon back home. especially his brother hannibal.

we wre also curious to see miggy the new guest. he piled up a lot of swiss chocolat he brought brought along.

since it is 3*euro's last day here, we have planned a farewell tea party. so we decided to make it a real big welcome and farewell tea party!  B)

i really was a great party. it's a pity that 3*euro has to leave tomorrow. will i see him again?

many greatings - see you soon!

more pictures of the party?

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