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berlin, germany - 5th April 2012

By: orangesunshine

hello mommy.

it has become quieter here since 3*euro left. i also think, that the plushies here in the house have something in mind for this weekend. there must be something special. hm, let's see  :D

yesterday my host took me with him in his car. we drove from one of his jobs to the next. well the weather was not tooooo good. but i have seen something. better than staying at home.

berlin is really a big town. every day you can see something different.

this is charlottenburg townhall. charlottenburg is one of the old borroughs of berlin. before it joined with berlin it was prussia's richest town. you can tell this from this huge townhall.

it also has modern buildings ...

... like these at a big traffic circle ...

... or near zoo railway station.



lovely greetings. i miss you, mommy!  :cyclops:

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