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Bochum, Germany - 8th January 2012

By: RedSwan

Hello world,

I've to apologize my mentor just made one single update this week. But due to all the rain and two storms we had here in Germany (and it was really stormy and if we hadnít to go out we were said to stay in the house) we weren't able to do anything.

Nevertheless, we've been at Starlight Express stage door again and this time we met two actors from New Zealand and England. Finally. But Iíve also to add, that we didnít spend so much time there.

The actors we met are called Jos Hoetjes and Edd Hall. Both are Swings here. This means, they cover lots of parts here, if someone is injured or sick or on holiday. Most male Swings cover around 10 - 15 parts.
Jos is by the way from Christ Church, New Zealand. He already played Ruhrgold, the German Intercontinental Express (ICE) in the Tour-production of Starlight Express in New Zealand. One year later he moved to German, for being Ruhrgold for a year. Since June 2011 he's a swing.
Edd is from Essex, England. He also toured through Canada, Mexico, India and the Netherlands with another musical. After doing some musicals he decided to go to Starlight Express. Since 2009 he's over here as a Swing.

Thatís it for today dear world,

PS: If I get lucky Iím able to tell you something about my mentors university tomorrow
PPS: Sorry for this short entry today.

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