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Ratingen, Germany - 15th January 2012

By: RedSwan

Hello world,

today I want to show you the villiage I live. Actually it’s called Ratingen-Homberg and today we visited the south part of it as it is a bigger part of it. Some facts about the South side: 4000 of the 5000 inhabitants live there. Althought Homberg’s first documents can be dated back to the year 1067 the South part was just extended in the 1970’s. So quite late. 5000 inhabitants aren’t that much as you might think and so it’s surrounded by fields, we had to go through.

We started our trip at the mainstreet. From this street you have an amazing view to the North side of Ratingen – Homberg to Düsseldorf. Really amazing how far you are able to look. Honestly, the picture is quite small, so you aren’t able to see anything of Düsseldorf.

We started to go through the fields in the Southern part and found this little farm, which can also be seen from the street as it is right at the beginning. The farmers have a great field with strawberries, another one with corn, ... And they also have cows, which are behind the farm.

Furthermore we found different signs for cafes. They are far away and unfortunately we didn't go there. People from around Ratingen love to go there by car as they love our nature, the typical “farmer food” and just being on a farm.

This small avenue leads right back into the Southern part. It’s the simplest way of going back into the villiage, if you really want to. And we didn’t.

In the back, there are the houses of Ratingen-Homberg-South. Hard to see, I agree, but they are there! They have the look of a frame house even if they aren’t really one.

My mentor used to sledge down these hills around this time. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any snow for sledging this winter. I guess it’d have been fun if we went sledging yesterday.

As my mentor acutally hosts three other ToyVoyager as well you can see us hanging around in some cut downs of the trees of the forest next to the fields.

An old house at a lake, which is going to be demolished this year. Sad because I think it would be so romantically living there. Still all Homberger hope that it’s just going to be rebuilt and refurbished until the end of this year.

That’s us (the four ToyVoyager) resting on a tree trunk right after a walk of two hours. It wasn’t that hard though, but we needed the rest. It was right next to the old house I showed you above.

After the rest of 15 minutes we went through the last field and came to this small lake. Children are used to come here for feeding the ducks and the geese. There are also some turtoise in there as well as fishes.

This is the way from the field to the lake. We also went it back, for coming into a forest.

This is the forest, I already mentioned before. The children of the three different kindergarten in Homberg are used to come here for playing as soon as the weather is okay, like it was today.

We finished at the firehouse, which is the last building at the south side, before going back to the north. We are going to discover the north side as well.

I acutally showed you some important features of the Southern part of Ratingen-Homberg. Okay, there are more and I’m sure we’re going to discover it as well. But this report was a walk of three hours and as I mentioned some posts earlier, my mentor has to learn. So she hasn’t the time for a longer walk until February. Sad, but you’ll get to know more.

So, dear world, that’s it for today. I hope you liked it.
Until next time,

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