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Moscow, Russia - 18th February 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mum!
Today we decided to be engaged in good business and to help birdies to live happily. You know, in Russia its really cold in winter, therefore wild animals in the city have problems where to live and where to eat. My host lives near to park, so we solved to create a feeding for titmouse and sparrows - almost free, but effective!
At first we take a juice package, certainly empty. I like an apple one - beautiful green box, reminds of summer among white snow.
Then we measure distances accurately and line everything by the pen. Hm, it is not so convenient to me to hold the handle by my paws.
Now we take a knife and start to cut out apertures. Not so simply, when a knife is bigger than you!
We paste a paper over edges to help birdies not to wound when they would fly inside. Well we also can do more beautiful! What do you think?
We insert a branch so birdies could eat sitting. I have found chopsticks - excellent idea!
Last but not least - a tasty feed! For this case we bought the real delicacy - apples, peaches, grapes,  cherry, seashell crumb, seeds and cereals. Sounds good! Now in park there will be the thickest and healthy titmouse and sparrows.
Finally, we adhere a feeding to a tree and wait for visitors. Bon appetit!

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