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Samui, Thailand - 24th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
In my story about Thailand we move from one step to the next. At first I told about flight, now I pass to our settling. So, we live in Fair House Resort hotel in Chawengnoi beach. My host chose it, as a quiet place where it is possible to sleep sweet under palm trees. At the same time there is Chaweng beach some kilometers to the north the most party place of the island. :cyclops:
The hotel is protected by two small gods my host called them "kamnegryzy" - stone-nibblers. I don't know, the sculptor thought up them or they are from local folklore, but look scary. It seems to me, or he has hearts on his stone? :o
You know, what really amazed me after arrival? Reception! I never saw such fantastically beautiful building. It is all surrounded with greens (well, it is Thailand; there is A LOT of greens). And the Indian god Ganesh meets us, for some reason. Hm, OK, maybe the majority of tourists are induist. I always thought that official religion of Thailand the Buddhism.
There is a zoo around the reception-building terribly dissatisfied elephant
and cheerful pig.
In general, as I understood, Thais adore sculptures and figures. Look on a small corner of their table - four figures and all different!  :stare:
Geese are interested in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And on a distant wall a portrait of the emperor. It  hangs in each building. Nearby a portrait of the queen, and on another wall one of princesses. What a respect to royal family!
And more animals small happy elephant. Elephants are on each corner there a symbol of Thailand, by the way!
Group photo while waiting for registration. We were given a glass of fruit juice there is a bar on reception, but it produces only this single glass if you want to drink go on a beach! B)
Finally a small automobile came and we are going to our house. It is interesting that we live further than everybody else  from reception practically on the beach, on the very end of the territory belonging to hotel. Plus, reception (and near - the exit from the territory) is much higher than a beach it is on a hill. So 1-2 times a day when we wanted to eat, we were necessary to lose couple of kgs at first, clambering upward on the street. But let's talk about it later.
So, it's our room. On the right another one, belonging to German tourists, and the beach begins. Disappointingly that there is no dryer it is necessary to hang out swimsuits on a balcony. And so convenient a basin for washing feet near every building. You are walking barefoot all the time and when you come home simply dip feet in a basin. ;)
Our number is rather small, for three people. Such beautiful pictures hang on walls.
Lamps are very unusual and very badly shine. In general, number  isn't shined at all, it is hard to read books! We need to remove lamp shades from lamps or you can't see anything. By the way, on a photo my host with the parents
As I show you a bedroom I will show a bathroom too. Everything is excellent, but I'm surprised that there is no bath curtain. Of course, I do not splash strongly, when I wash, but if someone pours over all floor and slip? :(
And here there is our beach chairs on a beach. Look at this huge tree many people are going to lie under it! Also what is that white foam plastic piece with a hieroglyph for? Perhaps "lifebuoy" or protective spell?

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