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London, England - 13th April 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!!!

So this is my last London Update...
on our last day in London we spent the day at the Tower of London, before we headed back to the Airport and back to Germany.
I'm sure that you know the Tower of London it is a medieval palace, which is very near to the Thamse.
In the history many Kings used this as a residence, or others spent some time there before their coronation, like Anne Boleyn, on of the six wives of King Henry VIII .. or, as you also may know.. some criminals got arrested or even executed there...

Nowadays, the Tower is just mainly used as a museum, and many tourists go there to see the crownjewels and other exhibitons about these times.

So we visit the Tower... and it was really impressive to see this historic building and to see how the people lived at these times.
This is me in the medieval palace, and this is how a bedroom looked liked back in the 12th century or something like that..
(and sorry for catching the flash again.. but it was kinda dark in this room)

And this is me in front of a medieval throne.


On the outside, there are the walls... and these sculptures are there, to remind, that the walls of the tower were used to defend the palace...

And of course... there are also the guards with the bear skin in the Tower... and I had to take a photo again, because this guy was so close!

Unfortunaltey you weren't allowed to take a photo of the massive, glittering, sparkling crown jewels... =(

So... at the beginning of my update I talked about criminals who were executed in the tower... Queen Anne Boleyn got executed on the tower green, also Jane Seymour, Lady Jane Grey and many more...
this is a memorial on the Tower Green for them... and the pillow is a symbol of the pillow were they had to lay their heads on, because most of them got beheaded.

You can also meet people in the Tower who are dressed like in these old days...

In the Tower of London there is also an exhibiton of the royal armoury. And this is really impressive! I can't even imagine, that the people back in these days, wore such heavy armours and fought with it!


And this guy was quite scary... and massive! A huge dragon... and when I got it right, it was something like a saga, that the dragon protected something in the Tower... but I'm not quite sure about that... look at his eyes!! oh my gosh.. this is really scary.

So this was my last update of London...
I really enjoyed my trip to this wonderful city! =) Thanks for letting me take part on this trip...
and now I'm looking forward for some Bochum adventures...

Love you and wish you a wonderful and hopefully warm and sunny weekend!
Sterni =)

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