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Bochum, Germany - 8th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

Ahhh what a busy week for Tiffy... she is spending the whole day at work and in the evenings she has to learn for some exams in the school... uff! I wouldn't want to be in her shows now.
But Tiffy promised, that we will go to the City on Thursday afternoon, so then I will finally see a bit more of Bochum! =) *whoop whoop*

And in the time, while Tiffy was at work today... NiliHH, Lilly and me spent a cuddly afternoon in front of the TV and in Tiffys Bed.. so we we're just chilling! =)

But first of all... we had to decide which programme we wanted to watch... and I'll tell ya, this wasn't easy! Cause Lilly wanted to watch something like a dailysoap, I wanted to watch some celebrity-magazine... and NiliHH wanted to watch a documentation about Hippos. So we discussed a bit.. but afterwards we decided to do some zapping so that everyone had the chance to watch, what he or she wanted.

And of course, there was some fighting for the remote control... because everyone wanted to have the unlimited force of the TV!

But after all this discussing and fighting... we sat entirley and full of harmony in front of the telly and watched some funny programs.

So and now we say good night, Mum! =)
Hope you had a great day... write to you soon, love you! =)


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