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Bochum, Germany - 10th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!

On Thursday, we went to the town. As promised so here are a few pictures of me in the City.

This is me in front of the City Point in Bochum... it is something like a shopping mall. But you can not really compare it with the real big shopping malls. This is really tiny. But it's okay =)
And this thing above the street should be something like a traffic light.. but there's no light.. and I'm not really sure, if this is really working and if somebody even cares about it.. oO

So and this is me in front of the townhall of Bochum. And this huge bell in front of the town hall. This bell was made in one piece, for an exhibition. Impressive, isn't it?

And also on Thursday, we said goodbye to Lilly. She will now start a journey to Austria, and will travel with her new host to Italy =)

Wish you a wonderful weekend,
love you!
Sterni x x x

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