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Starlight Express, Bochum, Germany - 27th May 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum!! =)

I was at Starlight Express on Sunday! Do you know it? It's the Musical which is located in Bochum and it's there for nearly 24 years now in Bochum.
And this is really a long time for a Musical! Unfortunatley I didn't went to watch the show. But Tiffy and some friends hung around the theatre, because some of the Cast Members had their last show and so we sat there, talked to other fans (who are also friends of Tiffy and also members of this Toyvoyagerssite) and talked, took some pictures, ate lots of food and all that stuff and talked to some Cast Members.

This is me at the stagedoor of the theatre, where we sat and waited for the the castmembers.

And this is also at the stagedoor... it was a really beautiful and sunny day.. so I got a little Hippo-Tan! xD hahahaha

Just chilling and having a little picknick or whatever... =)

Later that day, we orderd some pizza... I took one with ham and mushrooms. Yummiiiii!! =)

And there is a huge banner of all the starlight characters at the theatre... and I met there lots of Toyvoyagers! (who are currently hosted by friends of Tiffy)
This is me and our travelgroup with the picture of Pearl the 1st Class Car, and Electra, the Electric Train

And with Buffy the buffet car =)

And with Caboose (looks a bit like a clown to me...)

So I had a wonderful day, spending time at the theatre, eventhough we did not went to watch the show.
I know that this sounds really crazy and weird, but it was funny! =)

Love you Mum!
x x x

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