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Starlight Express, Bochum, Germany - 24th June 2012

By: Tiffy

Hey Mum! =)

So as you can see, I'm still in Bochum and I'm fine! =)
On Sunday we went to watch Starlight Express! You remember.. I was there back in May but we just hung around the theatre, but on Sunday I was finally allowed to go inside and watch this thrilling show!
and it's super awesome! =)

We went there, cause one of the actors had his first show as Greaseball. Greaseball is the diesel engine in the show, and he is fighting against Electra - the electric enginge and Rusty the Steamtrain..
And so Tiffy was very excited about watching the show, and especially this one actor in his first show as Greaseball.

When you enter the foyer of the theatre, there's a huge display board, it's similiar to the destination boards you find in trainstations and airports... and there are listed all the roles of Starlight Express and behind them, there is the name of the actor who is playing this role, when you're visiting the show.
This is me in front of it.

also in the foyer there are many drawings and paintings on the wall, which show scences of the show.
This is me in front of an electra picture. x)

so and many friends of Tiffy, who are also crazy about starlight express and toyvoyagers came with us that day, so I had the chance to meet other tvs!
I met Billy, and Dottie Mouse, who are currently hosted by La_Kate_Boheme, and I already met them as we watched to football match, so I was happy to see them again.
And I met Batgirl and Marawarpina... who are also Tvs =)
So we hung around the stage during the break.

And this is were we sat... right in front of the stage.. we were so close to it this was really amazing! and they skated right in front of us!



Love you! =)

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