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want to send a message in a bottle

want to send a message with a helium-baloon

want to bury a time capsule

want to collect blue things

I want to finish the "100-things-to-do-challenge" before Jethro

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Weilburg, Germany - 14th April 2012

By: Noisy

It was time for a group photo.
There is GustavHH, he told that he has travelled for a long time nw. He was in Belgium, Chile and USA . He told a lot of storys.
And there is Bärndt. Bärndt is quite new on the road - just like me...
...and the funny little monkeys Mooky and Kurt.
Barnabas, Noisys new TV is collecting his first travelogs and want to explore the world, and I belong to SuSi89, Noisys daughter.
The other elefant is called Jethro, he will be the new stay-at- home- TV.
I don't know who has seen this projekt, but we all found it a funny thing to do.
It is called 30 days - 30 cups.

Here are the first photos...

...from christmas...
...Moin-Moin, Jethro...
...I think this could become my new life-time-mission; to look for hats!
...than we wanted to build a tower...
....I swear! I haven't damaged the cups! Even if I am an elefant!

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