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Southsea, UK - 21st April 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter


Today, Frances and her boyfriend Chris took me, Jessie and Bullseye into Southsea. We went to a place called Albert Road (it's almost got the same name as me!) where there are lots of cool vintage clothes shops, as well as a chocolate shop and a deli. In the chocolate shop, we bought some chocolate and tablet (which is like fudge but more crumbly) and in the deli we got some rose lemonade which was very refreshing. It started raining at one point, so we ducked into a fish and chip shops and shared a big plate of chips while we waited for the rain to stop.

Frances took a few photos of me, with the chocolate and with a plaque about Arthur Conan Doyle (who created Sherlock Holmes - he lived in Southsea!) but when I tried to upload them onto her laptop I found that her memory card was corrupt and had deleted most of her pictures. I was a bit sad, but I still had a nice day and she thinks she's fixed her camera so I can take more pictures another day!

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