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Remscheid, Germany - 1st June 2012

By: olgamaus

Hi Family,

I arrived in Remscheid at my new host Katja's home today. We have ugly weather here, it's rainy and cold ... brrrrrr.

The postman brought me to Katja's workplace, so I would not have to wait on the stairs forever.

When we came home Katja bgan to prepare elderflower wine cooler. This really sounds weird ...

Two other ToyVoyagers were there to meet me, Leopoldi and Rishu. There were already lots of elderflowers.


Katja showed us the ingredients we would need to prepare the wine cooler: elcerflowers, sugar, lemons, mint and water.


The lemons hat to be pressed, sugar and water were added, mint and elderflower were put into the liquid.




The mixture was covered with a plate, now it has to rest for 24 hours at room temperature.



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