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Witten, Germany - 27th May 2012

By: Mandrara


it's me Imodra. A lot of things happend at the least time and thats why it was impossible for me to wrote something. But now I will tell you whats going on the least time.

We've been here for some days as we got a lots of visitors. There was a happening called " the Eurovison Song Contest" an my mum invited friends who also be a part at the toyvoyagers family. and so we had a big party but see for yourself!

It was so funny for me to have so many guests at one time


During the contest my mummy made something to eat for us all and even for the other guests


After the show me and my guests took the flags and mymum made some photos.


It was a very nice evening and I hope to be much more times a host for such a lot of cute guests.

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