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Moscow, Russia - 3rd July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today we decided not to limit ourselves by beautiful photos, but also to have spiritual development! A host invited me to a concert of organ music in Lutheran the Peter and Paul Cathedral. This cathedral is one of two operating official Lutheran churches in Moscow. Parish of the church is one of the oldest Lutheran parishes in Russia.  :stare:
But at first we should stop and look at this fantastic building - Embassies of Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation. It is an ancient palace of count N. P. Rumyantsev. It was constructed in 1782, can you believe? It was reconstructed several times, belonged to various people and firms, but remained a beautiful memorial of Russian architecture.
I turn my head and... What does it stand beyond the trees?  :rolleyes:
A few more steps. And here we stand near a fine stone cathedral!
The cathedral always played important role not only in religious, but also in cultural life of Moscow — in it outstanding Russian and foreign musicians acted. Now the body accompanies church services every Sunday and holidays, and also concerts of an organ music are passed.  :)
The first Lutherans appeared in Moscow in 1530s, among the handicraftsmen doctors and merchants invited from Northwest Europe. The church community was created a bit later, between 1560 and 1565, and in 1576 on the bank of Yauza, in the German settlement the small wooden church consecrated for the sake of sacred Saint Michael the Archangel was constructed. In 1626 the community was divided after the scandal caused by quarrel between wives of military and merchants. The officers as a majority of new community built church in the center of Moscow, in the White city. But the new building, as well as a building of church of a merchant community, by order of tsar Mikhail Fedorovich in 1643 was broken down - because of discontent of the orthodox priests arguing that foreigners not only put "grumbles" near “God's churches”, but also bought up much land.  :mad:
Only in 1817 the parish could buy the land and begin construction of the new temple. It was several times destroyed, was restored on community money. Only in 2004 money were sufficed to construct such remarkable belltower.
From within the cathedral is even more beautiful, than outside. I was especially amazed by stained-glass windows - there are represented sacred people, and in the center - Peter and Pavel.


And the most important, for  what we are here - organ! The historical organ of firm "Wilhelm Zauer" the Evangelic and Lutheran Cathedral in Moscow is one of the 4th church organs in Moscow, the 5th by number of registers in Moscow, and also one of the oldest organs in Russia. It’s small, but its sound is fantastic!  :D
Sacred Peter and Pavel's cathedral begins its concert history since May 4, 1843 when Franc Liszt's organ concert was held in it. As you can see, the organ is behind us on gallery. In order that we could see the masterly musician, the screen goes down and there is an online translation of performance. So unusual!  :cyclops:

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