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Moscow, Russia - 10th July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today the weather is so fantastic and warm that we decided to go to park. Do you remember that Moscow isn’t just megalopolis but also a green and pretty place? I do now!
We chose a park called “Park of Friendship” :)
In the 1957th year in Moscow passed the VI World Festival of Friendship between nations. Planting of trees by participants was an every year tradition of such festivals. In Prague, at the V Festival Avenue of Friendship was open. In Moscow the whole park was decided to open. Now park very well-groomed, avenues are laid out by gravel or asphalt, trees and bushes are beautifully cut, there are playgrounds, cafe.
There are endless amount of flowers here. I don’t know its names, but look fantastic!.
Also there are a hundred of monuments and sculptures. As it’s the Park of Friendship, all monuments are devoted to one subject.
Opening of this monument took place in 1981 within the cultural program "Days of Madrid in Moscow". During the same time "Days of Moscow" in Madrid took place. Twin-cities exchanged gifts - copies of sculptures from monuments of well-known national writers. Thus in Madrid the monument to A.Pushkin, and in Moscow - a monument to Miguel de Cervantes were constructed. This bronze statue - an exact copy of a statue in Madrid (1835). 
Two-figured decorative sculptural groups "Fertility " - two female figures, in difficult spiral movement the holding over the heads basket of fruits.
The Kirghiz national hero Manas the Magnanimous, according to the legend, united all Kirghiz many years ago. And now his task - to connect the people of two friendly countries, the Kirghiz Republic and the Russian Federation.
In April, 1975, in 30 anniversary commemoration from the date of liberation of Hungary from fascist aggressors armies by Red Army, Budapest Park of Friendship and the monument of the vengero-Soviet friendship was open. In day of solemn opening of the monument citizens of Budapest decided to transfer a copy in gift to Moscow; and exactly in one and a half years, on September 15, 1976, in the Moscow Park of Friendship there was constructed a "twin" of the Hungarian monument.
The friendship between Russia and Hungary is displayed in a material choice for a monument also. It is revetted with tiles of pirogranit. This ceramic material, is made only in the Hungarian city “Pech”.
As we are walking nearby, it is necessary to visit the river station!
The North River Terminal or Rechnoy Vokzal (River Station) is one of two passenger terminals of river transport in Moscow. It is also the main hub for long-range and intercity routes. It was built in 1937.
This station is an example of communistic constructions. The stateliness of new communistic religion is emphasized with the sculpture "Waterway" meeting us at the entrance in park. There are no more places in Moscow where are such strong and exciting snow-white girls holding in a hand model of the yacht moreover with a wave. :cyclops:
The park near the River station is full of children attractions. Aaaaah, who is it? :o
This Spiderman is the cutest Spiderman I’ve ever seen!
And again, flowers, flowers, flowers!! I feel spring in the air!

The building is costructed in the form of the huge ship. The most characteristic architectural elements of the building — a high spike and a wide central ladder. The spike is topped with a star which in 1935 — 1937 was on the Spassky tower of the Moscow Kremlin. The sickle and a hammer are inlaid with the Ural semi-precious stones.

The entrance is decorated with maiolicas representing «Moscow of the future».
What a fine view of the dormitory areas of Moscow! If I live nearby, I would walk in this park every day!

Huge cruising motor ships constantly depart from the mooring to St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don. My host told me that she floated by such motor ship several times - for a week and more - to the different cities of Russia. Ah, I hope, I can travel thus too!
We are leaving this fine park. I am lucky that I was in Moscow in the spring and could visit such peace and cozy place. :D

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