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Moscow, Russia - 17th July 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today my host took me into bowling! Oh, Iíve never visit it before, I hope, it would be fun!
First of all, look, what an amazing building it is! Everybody can understand that there is something exciting inside  :cyclops:
Which ball should I choose? Mmmm... I will take the pink one!
Let's aimÖ  :stare:
Come on, little ball!!
I can't understand, am I winning or not?
I am sure that I won!  B) And therefore it is necessary to celebrate! Traditional Russian food... oh, no, it isnít cooked here. Well, sushi then? How can I pick them up...
And letís drink a cranberry mojito. Looks great.  ;)
In this building there is an excellent desktop hockey. I will beat you, Kioko!
And while we are here, I can ride in a car. Speed-up, speed-up!!  :o

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