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Moscow, Russia - 5th August 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
My host tells me that now itís time to leave Russia.  :thinking: Well, she said, we spent fantastic days together, but when itís time to go, itís time to go. She gave me some presents, so Iíll not be boring in my travelling. Farewell, Russia!  :(
Of course, Iím kidding!!  :cyclops: Me and my host are going on holidays to Turkey!  :stare: Weíll have amazing tan, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, eat a lot af fruits and have fun!  B) My host tells me that she is too tired (she found a new job 3 month ago and she is working  there like a slave), so this time no excursions, no running, just sleeping on the beach and drinking cocktails.  ;) We are going to be there till Sunday, so please, give me your address, and I can send a postcard to you!  :)

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