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Moscow, Russia - 21st August 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Now the day has come when I and my host are going to the airport! It is the new small terminal of the Sheremetyevo airport and in spite of the fact that my host already about 20 times was the abroad; she flies for the first time from this terminal! In my opinion, it isn't very convenient yet - few seats for the rest, only two cafes. :thinking: But you can't stop the progress, of course! http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n505/dangerousebeans/Nikita/Turkey/Sheremetyevo/3.jpg
As it is necessary to come to the airport in 3 hours (mother of my host very cautious person and always is afraid to be late) what shall we do before the departure? To eat, of course! Here, the last time we will try a traditional borsch and Russian salad. Now it is possible to fly. B)
Oh, when people will understand, what it is wrong to take water in the airport, because it can't be taken out? Well, why to bring 1-liter bottles? :o
At last our plane arrived. It looks impressively, isn't it? And the luggage is brought there!
Ladies and gentlemen, please, fasten your belts, the plane prepares for take-off! :D
Finally, we are in our hotel in Turkey. Its name is MegaSaray. Very amusing fact: in Turkish, Saray means a palace. Whereas in Russian Saray means a barn. My host laughed a lot, when she chose the hotel! ;)

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