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Megasaray, Turkey - 15th September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I want to describe you amazing Mediterranean Sea. To swim there is a real pleasure. Water is very warm, sun is hot, people are polite and pleasant  :D
The best pastime - to lie, sunbathe, get a tan and drink cocktails!
I like to build sand castles, there are many shells for an ornament on a beach    :)
Mother of my host helps me to float on a rubber ring because I am very small and can fall in a hole  :o
Nearby in the sea there is a floating platform where it is possible to climb up, take a rest and sunbathe. And during a storm it's very cheerful to drive!
The fantastic pier is on a beach. There are trees, plank beds, mattresses and chairs on it.
So soft and convenient!  :cyclops:
Also there are lifebuoys - if somebody needs help. Don't worry, while I am here, everybody are in safety  B)
And surely flags - Turkish one, hotel's one and the guarding organization's one
If you got hungry - there is a small and free cafe with a buffet on a beach. Can you imagine, it is possible to sit and admire the sea and eat a lunch! But  I will tell you about food next time, this subject simply can't be passed!  ;)


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