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Megasaray, Turkey - 23rd September 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Today I want to tell you about the most amazing part of our hotel, that I like most of all. But firstly, let me remember you, where we are.
It is obvious that this sign is created in order that everybody will take photo. Hardly imagine that you wake up in the morning and can't remember, where you are; then go to walk, see this sign and tell yourself: wow, Iím in Megasaray!  B)
Here is a hotel plan. As you can see, there is the central multistoried building and many small bungalows. We live in the central building; there is a very convenient road from there to a beach.
Plus, so lovely pictures are hanged on walls. Arenít they sweet?
But I distracted. The most beautiful things in our hotel are pools! You saw on the plan, there are a lot of them and they are absolutely different!
The first and the biggest one - central. It consists of several parts. It is possible to swim here quietly. We came at sunrise, when there are no people and I can swim for a while on a rubber circle with my pleasure. So peaceful, I like to dream...  :rolleyes:
The water park with three tubes is in other part. It is dangerously to float here Ė you should look, that somebody could fell down on you the head!  :o
And long connecting channels. Children adore floating here - much more interesting, than to move forward and back on the common pool. And the bridges standing on these channels are so beautiful!  :D
I can see one hundred plank beds near the pool. Perhaps, someone would like to lie on a grass near the pool instead of lying on sand near the sea. And itís closer to the restaurant and the bar. But I definitely prefer a beach!
If you love outdoor activities near the pool, it is possible to play ping-pong. it is necessary to dive into water for catching a ball, but for the rest - it is excellent idea!
The second pool - the small round pool with a star. Itís smaller, isn't intended for active swimming. But it is possible to play with a ball here, to teach your child to swim.
The third pool is even smaller. There is no entrance for children, it is impossible to run and play noisy games. Only for adults, tired people who want silence and peace. Look, the remarkable umbrellas protect from the sun much better than the beach ones.
The fourth pool is for children. Here everything is clear. If you have a baby, it will have a lot of fun in this place. The main thing - you will be bored to death.  :(
And the last, but not on value - the covered pool. Probably, sometimes  there are rains in Turkey, and it is necessary to sit under a roof. Or you are afraid of an infection in more visited open pools. Or you want to swim absolutely alone. Honestly speaking, I don't see any "normal" reason to swim in this pool. And don't forget about the sea! Who swims in the pool, when there is a sea?  :cyclops:

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